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Life Source Basics:  The Healthy Choice.

Take control of your life with Life Source Basics so nothing slows you down. Life Source Basics contains BetaRight WGP®, a natural ingredient that is clinically proven to safely prime the immune system to keep your body healthy.


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How does it work? Watch Video

Life Source Basics mobilizes billions of innate immune cells that are part of they body's natural defenses.

Ensure that your immune system is always at peak performance.

Echinacea, zinc, and other supplements may over-stimulate the immune system. Life Source Basics is safe to take daily to help your immune system stay strong.

For Adults

Backed by research at leading universities and medical centers, Life Source Basics provides safe and effective support for your immune system.

For Children

A delicious, all-natural chewable that fortifies the immune system of children to maintain their immune systems at school, daycare and on the playground.

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